Thursday, June 19, 2008

She'll fit right in

I still haven't gotten around to making the Itty Bitty Baby Dress that I posted about the other day, but I have kept my goal of at least one project every day-they've just been orders for the shop so nothing exciting enough to write about.

Yesterday though, after reading this, I decided to join the ranks of the t-shirt reconstructionists (yes, I did just make that word up). I had this Dash shirt from a concert I went to a few years ago-it didn't fit me all that well then and it certainly won't fit now (it was a Youth size 10/12-what was I thinking?!?) I couldn't find a dress pattern online, so I was forced to improvise, but it turned out pretty much the way I imagined. I meant it to fit baby when she's about 12 months, but I made the arm holes a little big, so it may have to wait until 12-18 months with some leggings....

Here's the finished product on my ever (not-so) willing model-notice the edible bribe I had to give him. What you don't see is that I promised him if he sat and smiled nice, I'd also let him watch a movie. The things mothers resort to.

Doesn't really have the same effect on a boy does it? Almost looks better lying on the ground.
If anyone can figure out how to make this cute infant gown out of a tee, please please please pass the info along!!! I'm dying to make one (or two or three!), but not sure if I can figure out a pattern.

And if you're interested....Jakson is munching on this yummy summer treat: You can read more about it on the Make and Takes website.


West Family said...

okay, so you are pretty much amazing!!! It is so fun to see everything about your cute family!!! can't wait to see more!

Kerry said...

Adorable dress! I love it! And I love frozen grapes, so the suggestion to put them on a stick is genius! Thanks for sharing!

j&krosser said...

Way to keep up on craftiness. My horoscope (I read it while I waited for an oil change) said that I need to explore my artist side. I am going to count making up a sharing time. Lame-I know.

Wendy said...

I love the header on your blog! Soooo incredibly cute!

i'm kelly said...

i love it! it turned out sooo cute. you did a great job!

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