Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Jakson hasn't been sick since last October when he had his tubes put in (count your many blessings, right?). I guess I didn't knock on enough wood because after we went swimming yesterday, he was running a fever, fell asleep in the car on the way home (a 5 minute drive) and wouldn't eat his Mac and Cheese. He went to bed about 6:30 and didn't get up until 11 this morning!! He likes to sleep in, but I was worried enough to sit in his room a couple of times just to watch him breathe. At his last ENT appointment, the doctor told us that his left tube looked like it may fall out soon-something that will cause him to have infections again. I figured that the tube had fallen out without me noticing and the fever was a result of an ear infection.
But then Holly called (mother of his little friend Natalie) to say that Natalie was diagnosed with Hand, Foot and Mouth disease (not the same thing that cattle get) this morning. Jakson is showing quite a few of the earliest symptoms (loss of appetite, low grade fever) that her pediatrician described. No lesions have appeared yet, so only time will tell, but in the meantime because HFM is highly contagious, we're quarantined. What fun!

Side note: I know, I know, he still has a pacifier....but only when he is sleeping--unless he is sick, then I make special exceptions. It's one of those things that I don't really want to deal with before the baby comes (like potty training, putting him in a toddler bed...).


Melissa said...

Oh man, I am so sorry to hear about both him and natalie being sick! Please let me know if I can bring you anything. I hope he gets over it quickly.

Audra Bollard said...

he looks so sad :( And I love that the pacifier is pink :)

Here's to a quick recovery!

earmark said...

oh, what a bummer... i hope he feels better soon!!

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