Sunday, June 29, 2008

Menu Plan Monday-June 30th

**In case you have an Albertson's nearby and haven't noticed yet, they are having a great sale this week when you buy bulk items (10 for 50 cents each, etc)-great stuff for food storage. And even better, when you combine the store deals with coupons you save a TON of money. I don't subscribe to the GroceryGame list for Albertson's so I had to spend some time matching coupons and sale items. If you are interested, since I've already done all the work, let me know and I will send you the list I created-it should save you time and money!!**

Our meals are getting more and more simple as I get nearer to my due date....
Monday: Chef Salad
Tuesday: Roast Sticky Chicken
Wednesday:Our Anniversary-Zak is bringing home Indian food-YUM!
Thursday: Chicken Rice casserole (with leftover chicken from Tuesday)
Friday: Anniversary dinner-Zak is cooking up a surprise!
Saturday: Foil dinners (you know like the ones you have camping? This is on the grill)
Sunday: Penne Pesto-sauce from a packet


Heidi said...

Hey...I know you don't know me...I found your blog somehow blog surfing...I knew the Vermillion's through HS (I'm a Gubler) so tell them hi. But I love checking out your blog because you always have money saving ideas or cute ideas for crafty stuff. And I would be interested in your grocery list to save some money...I am heading to Albertson's tomorrow to stock up! Thanks!

Sabrina said...

oooo, bethie, send me your coupon research. I will go to Albertsons asap. - Sabrina
PS- Do you have my email? If not-, yes, I would love your friends info about that weight loss group you were telling me about!

Kristi said...

Great blog and so informative! I would love to have your Alberton's list, please.

Melissa said...

Hey! We aren't sick. I just am feeling crappy and wasn't up to going to church. We'll be at the ward breakfast though. Is Jak better!? I hope so.

You always amaze me with your ways to save money and get stuff for free. I guess I am not motivated enough, but I need to be. Maybe after the baby is here!?

Melissa said...

I would love to come but my dishwasher is getting fixed that morning between 8-12. If they show up early (ha ha) then I will call you. I did hear that the time changed. Thanks for letting me know though.

Matt & Brooke said...

Thanks for the email beth! I was super excited about it, but then I went to Albertsons and ours wasn't doing it...Weird! But mostly sad :(

Amanda XOX said...

Ooh, send me your Albertson's info too pretty please. I love your blog too! Know that lots of people love it even if they don't comment =o)


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