Thursday, June 05, 2008

Mailbox Goodies

Look what was waiting for me in the mailbox today!!!

This is the first of my Etsy Baby Shower presents. Every season, Etsy puts on a shower for expectant shop owners and generous crafters donate. I received a bib, burp cloth, and beautiful minky blanket from the Scottie Acres Boutique.

And this!
I won this fabric a couple of weeks ago in a giveaway from Joy's Hope (she takes fabulous photographs and also runs an Etsy shop). It's about half a yard, so not enough to make a little dress with, but I have an idea for a cute infant skirt. Any other suggestions? It's so fabulous I don't want to waste it!!

And since Etsy is such a hot topic today, here are a few other items on my current Etsy wish list (click on the picture to go to the shop):

Can you believe those little shoes are only $10-what a steal!!! I have a feeling I'll be spending just a LITTLE BIT of money on Etsy before this baby comes!


Dayna said...

Glad you like the blanket and burp pad set. Give the little one a kiss from me when she is born!

Leanna said...

I thought you said no pink? lol

Browns said...

I want those little shoes! How adorable!

i'm kelly said...

what fun packages! and i love your etsy finds!

The Askeroths said...

Oh those little baby shoes make me want to shrink Reagan's feet down so that they would fit her! What great stuff.

You are so creative, I have no doubt your little girl will be sporting only the best! But for those uncreative Moms (myself included) we have to find our cute stuff elsewhere. I really like Target. Plus, it's inexpensive enough that even if you only get a few uses out of it before you get a diaper blowout or baby food stain, you've still gotten your money's worth. Hope that helps. But seriously, if I were as creative as you, I'd stick with my own creations...they are always awesome!

Jamie Lovely said...

I love etsy!

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