Monday, May 12, 2008

Not a moment too soon

On Saturday, we walked in to get Jakson from his afternoon nap to find him executing a full-on headstand in his crib. I'm not sure where he's ever even seen a headstand, let alone got the brilliant idea to try one out...I guess, "that's my kid"? On Sunday, during church, he must have gotten bored by the speakers because once again, he broke out in a headstand (an amazing feat considering the limited space between each pew).

Strangely enough, last week I signed him up for a little gymnastics class that begins next Monday. I guess he just wanted to have a leg up (pun intended, I know, it was bad!) on the other kids.

Here he is practicing his new skill with his daddy....Cirque de Soleil here we come!! Do those guys make a lot of money? I want Jakson to be able to support us when we are old.


Katie Brown said...

i don't think you should encourage your son to be a member of cirque de soleil.....

Anonymous said...

What a little cutie! He'll love gymnastics :) I have a Jackson, too, with a 'c', sometimes I think we should have spelled it with an 'x', but my dh isn't that adventurous ;)

thanks for stopping by and entering my apron contest- good luck!

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