Friday, May 30, 2008

My Blog Debut

For my first assignment in the world of blogging, Beth thought it appropriate to blog about something I love almost as much as her, food! However, the real reason I am posting is to remind her that I am the funny one in the family (she has been talking nonstop about being one of the top ten funniest comments on her friend Annie's blog). So while I try and be like Michael Scott, searching for the funniest thing to say, I will update on what has been happening this week.

Currently we are visiting family in Utah, enjoying the nostalgia of BYU and the delicious cuisines of Brick Oven and Ottavios. We have also discovered a hidden treasure here in Utah Valley, in Lehi to be exact-Charlie Boy's Pit BBQ. It is a little cafe type restaurant with great BBQ and wonderful service (owned and operated by the most senior Vermillions, my parents). I am showing quite a bias toward the restaurant, although I am receiving no payments for this endorsement, because I grew up on this food. My uncle, he's Charlie Boy, makes the best BBQ sandwiches. Below are pictures of the restaurant and the address for all those who care to visit and enjoy the great food!

The BBQ Shack complete with a porch and rocking chairs.
88 W. Main Street
Lehi, UT

The BBQ smoker and an amish made Ice Cream Maker!


FamilyKolbaba said...

Where was the humor? The funny comment? Was it the use of the word "Amish"? Or were you really being like Michael Scott and, in the end, could think of nothing?

tiffunny said...

Okay - I must come out of the shadows now. I stumbled across this blog a few months ago and was excited to find a "vermillion" family member. I went to high school with Tara and we also roomed our first semester at Ricks too. So I sneak a peek at this blog now and then. I've been amazed Tyler was not only old enough to go on a mission already, but has already come home! But now you tell me Steve & Peggy are running a restaurant in Lehi? This is just too good to be true. I will definitely have to head up that way someday just to experience that in and of itself!!! I'll spread the word to the family I have up in Provo, Nephi & Springville as well - they'll love it!!

Tiffany (used to be Gubler)

Ali said...

Bethany, you won on my blog!! I haven't heard from you though...come and see.


Baldwin's in Utah said...

Wow- we are definately going to have to try this place... we live like 3 minutes from Main st and have never heard of it--- Thanks for the tip!!!

And Beth- I took some classes at UVSC through continuing ed in the evenings. They were just at the school- it was really fun... I'm sure most colleges have starter photography classes... Thanks for the compliment! :)

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