Sunday, May 04, 2008

Menu Plan Monday-May 5

Monday: Pork chops and potatoes (Zak's cooking-hooray!!)
Tuesday: Salmonand asparagus-craving this!
Wednesday: Tacos
Thursday: Wild Rice Chicken Casserole
Saturday: Butter Chicken-new recipe, this is the BEST Indian dish ever and I'm hoping that I can pull it off at home!! Kind of nervous...
Sunday: Ribs and baked potatoes

Check out more recipes and menu plans here!

Have I mentioned I'm in desperate need of a vacation? Anyone have any ideas that don't cost any money and don't require me to actually travel anywhere......


Kiy said...

Great menu and hey, if anyone has any ideas on your vacation ... I need one too! (One that doesn't include going to MIL's that is!) Have a great week. :)

j&krosser said...

Tell me how the butter chicken goes. YUM!

Sandra said...

Great menu, thanks for sharing :)

Menu Plan

Browns said...

I think you should just drop off Jakson at my house and him and Carter can play while you go and do whatever you want. Maybe a pedicure? Or anything that will make you fell relaxed. This wed or friday works for me!! Let me know!

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