Monday, April 07, 2008

The proof

My mom was able to fly to Phoenix last week to play with Jakson (let's be honest, that's the REAL reason she came!!). She was a HUGE help, especially since I was down and out with bronchitis. Essentially, Monday and Tuesday Jakson was running around wild, which isn't any different from a normal day, but it was an unsupervised wild. I just laid on the couch and whispered commands, like "Don't eat the banana peels out of the garbage." Why, why!?!
My mom cleaned, cuddled Jak, helped Zak put up sheet rock in the "closet under the stairs", rolled her eyes at the "Twilight" series with me, took Jak to the park, took me shopping for maternity clothes, bought Jakson a football--all the things that you need a grandma for....
Unfortunately, I didn't get too many pictures from my prostrate position, but here is proof that she did in fact visit.
Jakson refuses to have his picture taken at this point unless he is already facing "The Incredibles" (the new "Toy Story"), so sorry about the entranced look
Zak has been playing softball on a city league with some guys in the ward. I usually don't take Jakson cause there's no point, he just runs all over the park and it's easier to watch him in a confined space (like our house), but my mom wanted to brave it. I actually got to "watch" the game (aka talk to the other wives), while my mom made sure he didn't kill himself.

Random bike that had been abandoned by its owner-this would have been even more awkward if Jak would have figured out how to ride off on it
Thanks again mom!! Come anytime! :)


Anne said...

My pleasure! And I didn't come just for Jakson.

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