Saturday, April 12, 2008

The pink debate

I didn't realize that my dislike of pink would be such a controversial topic. I can understand getting heat from writing about the election, or global warming or even the never ending boxers/briefs debate, but pink?!? I've even gotten a few emails about it! It's alright, I just didn't know, not having a girl yet myself... :)
So that moms with daughters will speak to me again, I want you to know that this blog entry was specifically talking about the fact that there was no pink in that particular blanket. I have found that I am not going to be able to get around the whole light pink phenomenom wholly because 0-3 month onesies only seem to come in combinations of pastel pink/purple. And I'm okay with that-I admit it is not my favorite, but I'll live. I do, in fact, love other colors of pink and am totally happy having her wear hot pink (as long as isn't it lycra form), dark pink, rosy pink, etc. And for those who still aren't convinced...
Cute clothes with pink in them-a picture essay:
Kelly McCaleb
Baby Leila Baby BundlePDXBeanies
Mountain Aven Baby
A New Creation
Knotty Baby Wear


Nash said...

i know you like pink, i have seen you wear pink. You are "in the closest" about pink. :)

Ginny said... crack me up! im glad you are slowly opening up to the idea of "pink"

j&krosser said...

Once we put Kayda in a cutsy, girly blue shirt (and a hairbow) and someone still called her a boy. Pink does have some advantages.

Browns said...

I love that beanie.
My hubby told me about the boundry changes. I am excited because some of my old friends from tolleson ward will be in our ward! I've heard speculations of where they are changing the coundries. Oh, I posted the Kung Pao Chicken recipe on my blog for you. It's so good!

Kolbaba said...

Dude, I hate pink too. I think you know this about me if you have ever shopped with me for a baby shower. Don't worry, I'll find your little baby vermillionette something cute and not pink.

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