Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mervyn's Deal

I don't usually use this blog to urge others to take advantage of deals, but since I haven't been keeping up with the Screamin' Deals blog and this is just such a great one-I wanted to share.
Today only (Wednesday), Mervyn's is having a sale on their clearance items. If you buy one final clearanced item, you get two more for free!! And most of the clothes start out at either $2 or $4-so you're getting 3 for $2 or 3 for $4!! The store is clearancing out their spring line, so most of the kids clothes are long sleeved, but you can always save them for next year!! I was even able to get Zak some wrinkle free dress shirts for $2.50 each (3 for $8)!! I'm not sure if this sale is going on at every Mervyn's, but it's worth a phone call....
My Mervyn's booty...all for about $25!!

Sorry for the awful picture, I didn't realize there was some dirt on my lens, making everything a little fuzzy. In case you were wondering, there are 4 girl sweatshirts, 3 boy pants, 6 girl pants, a shirt/pant coordinating outfit (boy), and a kid suit for church, plus the 3 dress shirts for Zak!!
And if you live in West Phoenix, Holly and I went to the new Mervyn's off of Estrella Parkway this morning and we left behind quite a bit!! :)


Browns said...

oh my goodness... i may have to hop in my car right now! those are great deals.

that's a really cute picture on the side you just posted.

oh ya... we are meeting diana at 9:30 at park group on friday to vt her. just wanted to remind you!

Melissa said...

Score! Nice. I don't think I could ever find these kinds of bargains, you are a bargain genius.

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