Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fun with Numbers

1 new computer

2 plastic dinosaurs that go everywhere with us
3 seconds that I actually considered going to my 10 year reunion this summer

4 pounds to gain before my next doctor's appointment

5 coupons for free Yoplait Yogurt I've won so far because of the Bloggy Giveaways last week
6 tantrums in front of the serpent roller coaster that Jak was too short to go on before he relented and rode the bumper boats instead (his first amusement park ride!!)

7 times we've watched The Incredibles this week-this is Zak's imitation of Syndrome, Mr Incredible's arch nemesis
8 flats of Raman to pay off library fines (it was Food for Fines week)
9 projects sitting in my craft room that I've been too exhausted to finish (one of the few finished projects...)

10 times a day that I think "Man, I need a vacation..."


Audra Bollard said...

That must have been a lot of library fines. And Ethan has just informed me that he "wants that boat, maybe we could borrow it?" So could you just go steal it from the amusement park and mail it to us Beth? Those would be some big shipping cost numbers!

Amanda said...

I was going to give you a hard time about the reunion, but then I remembered I don't get to go. So you're off the hook. But I would have loved seeing you!

Katie Brown said...

cute post! wouldn't it be food for fines though?

bethany said...

I changed it back and forth three or four times because it kept sounding wrong-then I gave up and left it :) This is why I have English major friends!!

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