Saturday, March 22, 2008

Newest Project

Zak has been busy this week knocking out part of our pantry wall and framing up a little playroom for Jak under the stairs. We are hoping to finish the room sometime this week-Zak is drywalling as I write! So exciting!

Just a pantry...

or is it?!?

Looking into the room

From the inside out.
More to come!


Veldon and Joyce said...

Wow. What a fun and secret place for J to play. You are so clever.

Katie Brown said...

why didn't your builder give you a bigger pantry to begin with??? so weird! that will be so fun when it's done!

The Askeroths said...

First off, congratulations! A girl! How fun, especially for your little girl. I always wanted an older brother and Jak sounds like he will be the coolest older brother ever.

Next, I'm pretty sure you will get the parents of the year award for the playroom you're making. What a fun, secret space!

Audra Bollard said...

this is awesome. my boys are into anything that's "super-secret." he'll love it.

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