Monday, March 03, 2008

Around Town

I think there are about 4 months of nice weather here, then the park equipment gets too hot to play on, the sun burns your skin within 10 minutes of being outside (or is that just me?) and the sidewalk cooks the soles of your feet. Ugh. I'm not looking forward to that.... Thankfully, Feb/March is still beautiful so we have been taking advantage of it. This week we went to the zoo with Jakson's friend Natalie. You will notice that there are no animals in any of these pictures. That's because Jakson couldn't care less about animals. Instead he spent time fighting with Natalie over crackers and throwing various items of of the wagon, ignoring my efforts to point out the monkeys and giraffes. Eventually I gave up and took them to the little playground. I don't think we will be getting zoo annual passes anytime soon.

Jakson's second encounter with a carousel-he didn't seem quite as freaked out, but the ride didn't earn any smiles.

While vacationing in DC this past summer, we attended the Folklife Festival, which was amazing. We read about the Phoenix WorldFest in the newspaper and assumed that it would be similar....well, you know what assuming does.... Jakson had a lot of fun playing in the bouncy obstacle course with a bunch of kids 3 times his age and we enjoyed being outside, but since we are not into drinking beer, it was a total bust. At least it was free :)
This weekend we are going to have a picnic in the desert....I'll be careful not to sit on any cacti.


Kolbaba said...

I left a message on your phone, you need to call me! (Also, Jakson may be the only two year old who doesn't smile on a Carousel).

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