Tuesday, March 25, 2008

And the rains came tumbling down....

This has been a challenging week, and yes, I realize that it is only Tuesday. Most of yesterday was spent at a local Urgent Care Center.
Picture this: A room filled with hard plastic chairs where the only distraction worthy of notice (more entertaining than the DVD player, crayons, and food packed from home) is a water cooler with the spigots just at toddler eye level (who designed these things?). Let's just say that by the time the nurse called my name, the waiting room could have been renamed Lake Urgent Care -I really think the person who can imagine this best is Audra whose Luke strikes me as the type to be enthralled with a similar contraption.
At this point, I could fill pages describing my harsh feelings towards doctor's offices and their appointment schedulers, instead I want to dwell on something more positive. I know, sometimes negative is more fun, but today I today I am wearing rose colored glasses-or attempting to because I know things could be worse.
So, here's a few of the things going right in my life....
At this moment I am grateful for:

  • Zak-really I don't want to get mushy or anything, so let's just say that between the middle of the night run to Walmart for a humidifier, 5AM trip to grab cough drops, and numerous "non-manly" tasks he's had to take over for the past few days, I think he's made up for the fact that he did not get down on one knee when he proposed. As he very masculinely dusted the fan blades in the living room yesterday in preparation for my mom's visit, he looked down at me lounging on the couch and made the comment that if anyone looked through the window they would think, "Man, she's got him trained." Thankfully I didn't have to "train" him-he came to me this way.
  • Whoever did train him :)
  • My mother's impeccable timing
  • Jakson's tubes-as I chased Jak around yesterday I realized that I hadn't had to step foot in an Emergency Room or Urgent Care Center since November-when Jakson's tubes were put in. Going from an ear infection every 3 weeks to none at all has been something that I haven't missed...
  • Avi, Edward Bloor, and Susan Carroll-authors with a talent to entertain
  • chicken noodle soup-never really LOVED this soup until my recent discovery that it really does make you feel better
  • That I am having a girl-as Jakson was creating a toddler made pond, I watched as the little girl across the aisle from us sat calmly next to her grandma and colored a pretty picture....serenity now.
  • Jakson's quirks-he is currently insisting on sleeping with his dad's "Missionary Pal" reference book from his mission. I don't get it, but it's cute.
I'm feeling a little better already :)


Melissa said...

Zak's training came from my mother. . . and a little from his five sisters. Although, by the time he was in junior high he wouldn't listen to us anymore - so we can't take that much credit.


Audra Bollard said...

Why are so many basic necessities of life so incompatible with toddler boys? Water coolers, sacrament meeting, all types of shopping, airplane flights, most of elementary school . . . pretty much anything that involves sitting still and not touching. I feel your pain.

Here's to hoping everyone is healthy soon and you have a great visit with your Mom!

dave and melissa said...

call us anytime or leave us a message on our blog and we can get together! let me know if you need anything. congrats on the baby news!

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