Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Strange and Unusual

Katie wrote about weird things her kids and husband do in a post a couple of weeks ago, and since I can't come up with anything exciting to write, I'm going to copy her... :)

Jakson: The list could be pages long (he was destined to be "interesting" due to his Vermillion genes), but I will only pick a couple of the more unusual quirks this kid has.

  • He will only eat WHOLE Goldfish crackers. If it is not completely intact he will either leave it on the floor or throw it in the nearest trashcan. I have not been able to figure out the logic behind this.
  • When he gets upset with one of us, he shuts himself in the half bathroom downstairs. When he's finished with his tantrum, he knocks on the door so we can let him out. I'm not sure where he learned this method of anger management....
Zak: Unfortunately, I can't think of anything that I would consider a really odd habit. Maybe this.... if it wasn't for me, he would wear a leisure suit with holes in the elbows and checkered Vans to work. :)


Audra Bollard said...

Wait a minute! You forgot to do yourself :) And I think Jak's anger management method is SUPER fantastic--if only I could have a kid who would put himself in time out without me having to do it for them :) Glad to see you're back posting again, I missed you.

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