Tuesday, January 22, 2008

McDonald's Money

Dear thief who broke into the Civic,

I guess you really needed that $1.87 in change more than we did.

Those who are grateful you left the CD player.


Kerry said...

Wow. I think this person could have collected more money begging for it on the street rather than taking it from your car. What a smart one.

Matt & Brooke said...

Who knows how much change is in there car???? You're hilarious. What a lame-o.

Kolbaba said...

That stinks, sorry. Also, we're kind of offended that you decided to skip town just because you heard we were coming.

The friend of yours who is glad the thieves didn't take your entire car with them.

Annie said...

Is this the same Civic we used to rock out to Funk Soul Brotha to? How dare he! Or she. But I'm betting on a he. A girl would have most definitely also taken the Carmex that was most definitely sitting amongst your spare change. And, if it were me, I would have left your Texas Longhorn hat. I bet she would have, too. Or he.

Bryan and Jen said...

seriously cracking up right now. And, YES, I did need that money more than you did!!!

+AM+ said...

sorry, beth. i'll bring it back.

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