Thursday, December 20, 2007


Jakson has recently expanded his repertoire of words to SEVEN. I think he speaks in complete sentences in his head, but is just too stubborn to let us know. His weekly sessions with the speech therapist start tomorrow--we'll see what progress he makes.

His vocabulary currently consists of:
1. thank
2. you (sounds like tank ou)
3. one,
4. two
5. go! (says this phrase before jumping off of various furniture that he shouldn't, such as the kitchen table-can you see the emergency room looming in my future?!)
6. shoe-sounds like "sue"
7. oh-as in, Me: Don't throw Baby Jesus. Jakson: Oh

By the way, does anyone know if a crib tent will fit on a Pack 'n Play? If not, this will be a very long Christmas.....


Amanda said...

Oh, I see little Ava in your etsy store pics! Her apron is the cutest!

I hope Jakson's speech therapy sessions go very well. He will be talking up a storm in no time.

Merry Christmas!

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