Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Craziness

Due to Jakson's climbing skills, we felt it would be easier to stay here in AZ this Christmas rather than brave the sleepless nights that come with vacationing without a crib tent. We were lucky to have my brother Jeff and his wife Vanessa come visit! Jakson enjoyed playing very repetitive games with Jeff (Jak's choice not Jeff's!) that mom and dad usually give up on after a few minutes.
On Christmas Eve we drove up to Snowflake to spend time with my grandmother. Fun times were had by all.
Jakson still doesn't get the whole Christmas thing-nice for us, we don't have to do much. Santa brought him a car that you may recognize from a previous blog win and a crayon cozy to encourage his new coloring obsession. Thanks to our families, he gets spoiled regardless of what we get him :)
Pay no attention to the fact that Jakson looks drunk in this picture.
Jakson is actually somewhat interested in opening a present.

What could it be?

Of course, his favorite present was the box that the car came in. Why don't we ever learn?! :)
The first, but probably not the last Christmas spent putting something together



Crystal said...

aw fun! Looks like you all had a good time. We haven't been able to get to the Vermillion's yet- I have been held up at work every night this week. We'll get there soon though- promise :-)

Leanna said...

you look good in that first picture!

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