Friday, December 07, 2007

Christmas Cheer

We finally got around to putting decorations on the tree and taking a picture. Notice the bottom fourth of the tree is really lacking in ornaments. Obviously, this was done on purpose :) Jakson's main interest in the tree lies with the lights. Every morning as soon as he gets downstairs, he turns them on. By the way, Zak took this picture at night with the lights off in our living room-I'm so proud of our new camera!!

Zak's grandma made this nativity set for us before Jakson was born. It is a perfect addition to our Christmas decorations because it's meant to be played with. Zak had one that she had made as a kid and he remembers playing catch with the Baby Jesus. I'm sure his mother wasn't real happy about that. I love it because Jakson can handle it without me hovering over him and repeatedly saying, "Be gentle, be careful, don't touch that". If you want a pattern for it, I will probably be making one for some friends here so just let me know. I don't know about the painting part though, I'm not real artistic.

Earlier this month, I read about a family tradition that we are attempting to start. Basically you wrap up 25 Christmas books (for the 25 nights of December before Christmas Day) and let your kids unwrap a different book to read every night. I think it's great because it is an opportunity to read to your kids and it puts everyone in the Christmas spirit. I put all the books into a basket under our tree, but didn't wrap any of them because Jak doesn't get the whole unwrapping thing yet. Most of the books revolve around the birth of Christ because I like that to be the central theme of this season, but I added in a couple books about Hanakkuh (because I think educating your children about other cultures is important) and a few with Santa as the main character (like Red Ranger Came Calling-a classic!). If anyone wants a list of the books I have, let me know! I only have 18 books or so, but we didn't start it on December 1st and I figure I will add to it next year. Maybe I'll get us a book for Christmas....

I would love to start other traditions-especially since Jakson is starting to understand things... If anyone has a tradition or has heard of one that they love, let me know!

For those of you who are interested, I will be doing a huge update to the shop this afternoon at about 4PM. Christmas aprons, more booties, candycane colored tutus, and more!


Audra Bollard said...

Cute tree Beth! My favorite Christmas book this year to read to the kids (and the one that has sparked the most discussion) is called I believe in Santa Claus by Diane Adamson. It does an excellent job in very-toddler like terms of comparing the symbols of Santa to the real reasons for Christmas. Just a thought (as if you need more books!)

Shambonies said...

hey we got your letter it is so cute!! and i should of asked yo9u before but can you send yours also... because i need to send you one from us!!

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