Friday, November 09, 2007

Why I don't blog

or sleep, or eat, or pay attention to my child, or clean, or answer my phone or the door.......

Because I've been working on these:

I realize the owl looks demented. I haven't given him pupils yet.

And as a result my craft room-a.k.a. the sweat shop"-looks like thisRidiculous, I know. Is this why people who are creative are so messy?

After Saturday, our house should be back to normal and as Zak put it, maybe we can all go to bed before midnight. If you are in the area on Saturday, I'll be at Canyon Breeze Elementary (117th Ave. and Encanto) from 8-2 where you will be able to see for yourself the fruits of all of my labors (and Zak's scissor skills). Hopefully this craft fair will not be a bust-if I don't sell it, guess what you're getting for Christmas?!


Danielle said...

everything looks so cute! Wish I were back in AZ so I could come. Have you had any business from Tutusandturtles?

Matt & Brooke said...

I was wondering what happened to you- you're normally such a frequent blogger. Love all your crafts- I don't even know which is my favorite....probably the cute girly headbands and shoes-i've had an addiction to cute girl things ever since Brynlee was born. Good luck with the show. Wish I could come check it all out!

Amanda said...

oh everything is adorable!

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