Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Texas, oh Texas we hail the mighty state

This is what Zak used to sing every time we saw a car with a Texas license plate. Fortunately, he has recently given up the musical habit because it would get really annoying here (more so than usual) where all of the cars have Texas plates.
That's right, we are in the Great State visiting family and gearing up for a tasty Thanksgiving.

Recap of the past week:
Best flight we've ever had with Jakson because we were able to get three seats to ourselves and we remembered to charge the DVD player battery the night before (we've learned from past mistakes-it doesn't work to charge the player in the airport as you wait for the plane).
Although Jakson refused to sleep the first night, he has done surprisingly well the other nights-thank goodness. We started praying that he would sleep well here as soon as we came home from Utah-someone was listening :)! We've shopped the local thrift store, decided where the best deals are for Black Friday (thanks Sam!), made pies, played at the park, watched the BYU football game on a big screen (where Zak won a blue and white checkerboard) and sat in the audience of an amateurish singing group in the past five days.
Jakson playing at the park in his pj's. The things you get away with at grandma and grandpa's.
Ready for church with Aunt Nan.
Cuddling up with Grandpa
Zak and I took a little day trip up to Austin to see Katie and look at some houses/check out the area. It was really fun to see Kate and her cute kids-Izzy is the best baby I've ever met!! She had done lots of research for us and took us to look at some neighborhoods-I think she might be excited about us moving there :) Chad was able to meet us for lunch-we ate at a BBQ place connected to a gas station (don't judge-it was really good!). Katie said she wanted me to feel like I was at home. I'm not sure what that is supposed to mean.... We drove to the office in Austin where Zak will eventually be working-it looks over the lake and hills, very pretty. We aren't moving anytime soon, but we wanted to get an idea of prices and locations-plus, we couldn't pass up an opportunity to visit Katie!!
I took a little timeout because as I was writing this, Jakson jumped out of his crib again, breaking his fall with the nearby wooden rocking chair and bit through his lip....he's stopped bleeding at this point, but he looked like he's stepped out of a horror movie for awhile there. Poor guy. Look for this to continue tomorrow-I'll tell you all about our trip to the zoo. I know you'll be waiting with bated breathe.


Brit said...

Hooray for Texas! I guess I'm partial to the state. Have fun while you're here!

deborah said...

so where are you now, i miss you,

Katie Brown said...

time for a big boy bed for little jak, beth! my friend's kid broke her arm climbing out of her crib. so fun to see you!

Bryan & Jen said...

It's so time for a big boy bed. We just put a baby gate (if he won't scale that) at Carter's bedroom door. That way you still have SOME control... :)

Amanda said...

I didn't know you were moving back to the glorious state of your raisin'. Yay! I think Austin would be a great place to live. Try not to let the burnt orange make it onto your clothes though.

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