Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Pregnant High School Student

Apparently, this is how I come across....
Last week, I volunteered with my mom at the local community college to usher at a musical performance in the auditorium. As we were waiting for people to begin to arrive, I was talking with one of the other volunteers, a man about my father's age. He asked me what school I went to. I explained that I had actually graduated from college quite a few years ago. He then replied that he had actually meant high school. Oh.
The next day, standing in line at a store, wearing one of those trendy shirts that is sort of empire waist and then flows away from the body, hiding any "problem areas" (as per Stacy and Clinton's suggestion), the woman behind me asked if I was expecting a baby. I cried all the way home.

So there you have it-I look like a pregnant teenager. My only question is: what does that make Zak?


Amanda said...

Well, good for you that you still look like a teenager. But BOO to that ridiculous woman who obviously does not keep up with fashion! I am looking forward to reusing some of the tops I bought last summer at Forever 21 as maternity clothes one day. Ha ha!

Matt & Brooke said...

I wish I looked like a teenager...i'm starting to feel old and wrinkly-curses to the sun!!! And you so don't look prego PLEASE!!! By the way, good call on the crib tent-i've heard good things about those.

Melissa said...


I went to another attorneys office a couple of weeks ago, and his assistant asked me when my baby was due. . . so don't worry you are not alone.


Annie said...

It makes Zak a baby-daddy. And an extremely lucky baby-daddy at that.

p.s. - I hate that stupid lady for making you cry.

Marielle said...

Beth- if it makes you feel any better, here's a story...I went to girls camp over the summer with my young women at 7 months pregnant. On the third day, a leader came up to me and told me that when I arrived at camp, she thought, "How sad, a pregnant 14 year old." At least they thought you were of high school age instead of middle school age.

Sheena said...

Ugh today I was told that I look 15. A delivery guy came to deliver wine to my mother's house. I ordered it for her so it was in my name. He reads the name and I'm like oh that's for me. He goes no it's not it says it's for grown folks. I'm like, ok. He's like are you 21? I'm like yea. (actually I'll be 21 dec 3rd, lol). My mother comes to the door and he's like is she 21? She's tells him yes, and he was like WOW, you look 15, but that's good though, wow!

That lady doesn't have sense of fashion, the preggy tops are in now and you don't have to be preggy to wear them.

Audra Bollard said...

Etiquette 101:
Unless they see a baby literally being delivered from a woman's body, no one should EVER ask a stranger if they are pregnant!

Why doesn't everyone know this?!

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