Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A new phase in our lives....

Yesterday Jakson jumped out of his crib. Yes, it is on the lowest setting and no, he did not kill himself or break any limbs. I think this child is indestructible. From what I can tell (I wasn't there for the actual fall, this is what I assume from the placement of his body at the time that I arrived on the scene), he used the bookshelf that was about a foot from his bed to pull himself up and out. Unfortunately, this lands us in a whole new realm of unexplored questions-does this mean I have to put him in a toddler bed and never sleep again? I can already predict what will happen should we put him in a bed without bars-I'll listen to knocking all night long. Once he's given up on the knocking, he'll drag some object that isn't really meant to be climbed over to the door and attempt to open it, all the while using a high pitched scream to indicate that he is not happy about the situation. I'll hear a loud thud, and rush into his room only to find that he is happily standing on top of his bookshelf pushing buttons on the CD player and the thud was merely books hitting the ground-have I got this about right, Zak? Repeated over and over until the sun comes up. I.don'
Attempting to keep him imprisoned for a little longer and rest easy at night, I rearranged his room, taking out the changing table and moving the bookshelf so that it cannot be used to get out. It kind of made me sad to realize that he's not a baby anymore, but I really love my sleep.
Notice the bookshelf next to the crib.


Currently, Jakson is really into coloring, so I set up this toy box with a roll of paper inside so that it can unroll onto the top. I'm still not sure if he's a righty or a lefty cause he keeps changing hands-sometimes one crayon in each!


Brit said...

We just got through all that! It really put us through the ringer. It all kind of happened at once. I took away his binky at night and then he wouldn't sleep and crawl out of his crib (the kid is seriously a monkey). He would be out of his crib before I could shut the door. Go back to my posts at the end of August and go from there. You'll hear all about it. Good luck!

Gina said...

Leaving the crib is definitely a monumental change in ALL of your lives. Luckily my Jackson thought his big bed was pretty cool, and has stayed in it pretty well. He was given VERY strict orders about that! But nap-time has really turned more into playtime. So if I were you, I'd hang onto the dear crib as long as possible! Sleep is too precious!

Cute coloring idea!

Katie Brown said...

all i can say is good luck! my girls all had to abandon the crib by 18 or 19 months due to the next girl coming along. they survived, but there were some ugly moments.

Covey and Justin said...

They sell crib tents--it is a net that hooks on the top of a crib. Might be worth a shot. Here's one at Amazon:
Good luck!!

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