Monday, November 26, 2007

Death of the Toddler Bed

We were forced to kill the idea of the toddler bed before it killed us. We decided to take Covey's suggestion (thanks Covey) and bought a crib tent for his bed. It is my new favorite invention. I think the pull to climb out was too much for Jak and he would just get out over and over. Last night, he would fall asleep and we'd start to leave, so he'd get up again. The worst part is that he is impossible to reason with. Getting him to bed before midnight (he fell asleep before 9!!) has been heaven. Maybe we'll try the toddler bed again when he's 18 and ready to head off to college. My mom had no idea what a crib tent was so here's a picture for her benefit-it is well worth the exorbent price!


j&krosser said...

That is hilarious! I am sorry- but whatever works right? It reminds me of the mosquito tents in Brazil. How exotic looking. jk

Covey and Justin said...

I am so glad it works!! I am sure that it will be worth it--both in saved medical bills for Jackson and your sanity!! I know what I would pay for a good nights sleep!

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