Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Turkey Trade-a swap!!

The last one was so fun, that I've decided to host another swap--the Turkey Trade.

A swap is simply this: you sign up, then you are assigned a swap partner in the US (you don't HAVE to be a blogger to join), put together a package according to the Turkey Trade guidelines, mail it out and get a great package from your partner full of goodies in return!! Great way to meet a new friend and it's always exciting to get stuff in the mail (sadly, often the highlight of my day)!

Sign up by: Saturday, October 27th at midnight

Receive partners on: Monday, October 29th

Send out by: Friday, November 9th

Here are the guidelines:

  1. Thanksgiving is a great time to be thinking about the blessings in your life. Collect and mail five different items that you are grateful for-it could be tampons :), a book, disposable diapers, chocolate-anything that you are thankful that someone invented.

  2. Don't spend more than $15 total (not including shipping)

  3. Be creative and have fun!!

    Remember that your partner is counting on you to send a package, so try to have your package finished and mailed by the send off date. It would be horrible if you sent a swap to someone and got nothing in return-"do unto others as you would have other do unto you" :)
If you want to participate, please send an email to or click on the profile link and email me from there by October 27th at midnight. Please write TURKEY TRADE in the subject. Include your name, mailing address, blog address (if you have one) and email address. I will post the swap partners here on Monday, October 29th as well as email you with your partners' info. Tell your friends about this-the more swappers the better!!

And if you are going to participate-let others know about it by posting one of these buttons on the sidebar of your blog!! Just copy the HTML code for the one you want and paste it in the layout (Add a page element-HTML/Javascript).

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Bryan & Jen said...

Beth, I was just looking at your store. You have GOT to raise the price on your baby's first year book. It's SO SO cute. I think people will pay way more for it. I am LOVING the store!!! SO DARLING!

Karen Beth said...

I'm in! Just emailed you my details! Thanks for organizing this. :)

Karen Beth said...

P.S. Getting neat stuff in the mail is often the highlight of my day as well. :)

Christine said...

This sounds like so much fun! Can't wait to put together my package!!

Oh, and I'm spreading the word, for sure!

Leanna said...

hey I put up some homecoming pics!

Carey said...

I will play along. Your last one was a lot of fun!

Dancin Queen said...

Thanks so much for the invite. I had a lot of fun trading with you last time! You're so clever and creative to organize this. I feel like I have too much going on right now to commit to anything, but keep me posted next time please. =)

Amanda said...

yay I can't wait. hmmm what should I send?? lol

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