Saturday, October 27, 2007

bears. beets. battlestar galactica

Fact: Jakson's favorite things start with "B".

Fact: Yesterday, my mom and I were discussing his lack of interest in regular kid toys.

Fact: He would rather climb, throw, jump, and bow-you can't buy any of that.

Fact: His current tangible favorites are:




Boxes and bins


Baby Einstein-he was watching the farm animals one when I took this


Jon said...

I went to our ward Halloween party as "three-hole punch Jim". It was marvelous.

QUESTION: Which bear is best?

Amanda said...

Do you guys have Gymboree Play and Music in your area? You should think about taking Jakson. He might love it, considering how much he likes to climb, throw and jump. They will give you a free preview session of each of their types of classes. By the way, I used your rice idea the other day, but we used beans instead since I didn't have any rice. We had so much fun!

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