Friday, September 07, 2007

I've got a Hummer!!

Not the massive, gas guzzling kind--the little boy kind!! When we were in the grocery store a couple of days ago, listening to the grocery store music, suddenly Jakson was humming along. Not in tune by any means (I really hope he's not tone deaf, cause he was WAY off!), but if the song had a note that was held out, so he held the (wrong) note he was humming. It was incredibly humorous. I've also noticed him humming along with the Blue's Clues songs--for those of you who are familiar, when Joe gets to end of the mail song, Jakson hums rather intensely to match the vigor with which Joe is yelling "MAIL." It's comedy at its best.

Do you suppose the pediatrician will take this new development into account when considering his speech delay?-he doesn't speak, but he DOES hum! How many parents can say that?


Amanda said...

Your Jakson is about two months younger than mine. Two months ago he was saying nothing. I was kind of concerned but all the boy mommies said not to worry. He is saying some words now, but I think he is just more amused by dancing and running and throwing balls than speaking. They will be motor-mouths in no time.

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