Sunday, September 16, 2007

Everything a kid could want....

Jakson has inherited some wonderful attributes from us that are already apparent. One is very obvious, the kid loves to climb (did you know that is hereditary?)-but he also loves to organize things. The other day I caught him dividing the books on one of our shelves into two piles-the Sunday School manuals (with the picture of the different prophets on the front) and an "other" pile.
What the shelf normally looks like:
Sunday School Lesson pile:

Someday he will be the host of "Mission Organization."

The speech therapist for Jakson called yesterday and asked me a bunch of questions about his health background-it made me realize how many questions I have to answer "yes" to :)
Any family member who has hearing loss? Yes
Any family member who had speech impediment/speech delay? Yes
Any family member diagnosed with any learning disability? Yes
Any family member diagnosed with ADHD? Yes
It's a good thing she didn't really dive into his health history or we would have been on the phone for hours!!

Zak says that this kid got the short end of the stick-but Vermillions always rise to the top. I just remember my mom trying to send Zak telepathic messages during Jak's baby blessing to say "have good health." So far Jakson has proven to be indestructible.


Annie said...

That Miracle of Forgiveness looks pretty worn, Beth...

bethany said...

Yea-the person who donated it to D.I. must have been a huge sinner :)

Gina said...

Love the sorting skills! Good luck with the speech therapy.

Shambonies said...

hey how are you guys we always look at your blog it is always so good!! So did they give you a reason why he isnt talking yet or are they still trying to firgure things out? Jeff says hi to zak and he misses him much ok takl to you later/

Audra Bollard said...

Yea, genetics are weird. It's a scary thing as you see your good & bad traits start showing up in your child . . . and then there's the nurture/nature debate and on and on. Anyway, I'll take an organized male anytime! All the males in this household are pro and the destroy and depart tactic.

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