Monday, August 20, 2007

A Weekend Away

This past weekend, Zak and I were able to travel up to Sedona for a short vacation. We got a call about a month ago from a timeshare company asking if we wanted two nights at a resort and $100 to spend on food or the spa-the catch of course was that we had to listen to their sales shpiel at the end. We've done these 3 times before and always taken other gifts instead of the overnight stays (because of Jak), but Zak's parents were nice enough to volunteer to come down and babysit for us. It was the longest we've been away from Jakson and I missed him, but we had a wonderful time spending time doing "grown-up stuff" like eating out, going into shops with breakable merchandise, touring museuems, and getting massages.
Sedona is very pretty-if you ever have a chance to go up there, take it-although I don't know if I would recommend the summer time to you (it was cooler than Phoenix!).
We had an awesome view from our room balcony, but I totally forgot to take a picture of it-so here's the one from up the road a little, it's similar.
On Friday, we went up to an old mining town called Jerome-a lot of the old homes and businesses have been abandoned, but it has kind of become a haven for artsy people, so there are a lot of shops up there. We went through the mining museum and roamed the town for awhile-if I had a lot of money I'd buy an old run-down home somewhere and fix it up. Every once in awhile we'd comment to each other about the lack of a crying child. That night we got massages with our $100 spa money and then ate at an Indian restaurant in town. Both were fantastic-sorry that I don't have pics of either, I know you were dying for some massage pictures.

View from the top of the hill that Jerome sits on. Sometimes I forgot we were in Arizona!!Part of the town of Jerome-the structure on the very left used to be a church and has recently been restored as a private residence. Outside of an old brothel (now an art gallery)-I guess this town was known for its "ladies of the night." Well, what do you expect from a town full of men?While we were gone, Jakson had a fabulous time with his Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Megan, Aunt Katy, Aunt Suzy and Uncle Jake-so much attention!! It has been a hard adjustment to just have mommy and daddy around-he walked around the house looking for everyone the morning after we got back. Do you like the mullet that it looks like he's sporting? Nice-where is this kid's mother? I promise it's only like that when it's wet!!

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Audra Bollard said...

So glad you got some time away! Only you would know of a way to get a completely free vacation that looks worth going on. Loved the "women of the night" phrasing too :)

The Andrews said...

Isn't getting away if even for a DAY so awesome?? Sounds like a fun trip!

j&krosser said...

I am jealous. But next time you need to go to Payson, AZ. It's a cool place too *hint,hint*

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