Thursday, August 30, 2007

Remember when.....

As Zak was removing the Duplos Jakson stashed in the bathroom cupboard the other night, he said, "Remember when we didn't find random toys in weird places?" I started thinking about the many changes that have occurred since Jakson came along...

  • Remember when I could go to the bathroom without someone sitting in my lap and unrolling the toilet paper for me-by the way? If I actually get to close the door, he sits outside and slips books to me under the door.
  • Remember when I didn't have to play peek-a-boo with the shower curtain to entertain the audience during a shower?
  • Remember when all of the bookcases in the house weren't wrapped with saran wrap?-p.s. it's getting a little annoying, I tried to get a book off of the second shelf the other day and it got stuck between the layers of saran wrap-it's still stuck there.
  • Remember when I didn't find my glasses in the trashcan along with the blow dryer and toilet roll?
  • Remember when I could keep track of the Tupperware lids-they didn't end up in the toy box or in the cleaning supplies?
  • Remember when I didn't have to turn around as I was walking down the stairs to catch the person jumping off the top?
  • Remember when I could spend as much time as I wanted roaming Target without someone screaming in boredom?
  • Remember when I said, "I would never say that to my kid"?
  • Remember when I didn't find the freshly laundered clothes in the kitchen trashcan covered in potato peelings? (do you see a trend with the trashcan-what is with that?)
  • Remember when I didn't have to block the keyboard with one hand while typing with the other?
  • Remember when I had better conversations during the day than "bjoe, bjoe, bjoe" (this is what he says all the time-translation anyone?)?
  • Remember when no one ran to greet me when I walked in the room, only to veer off to play with something more interesting-will his first word be "Sike"?
  • Remember when I didn't have to push around that ridiculous, not to mention bulky cart at the grocery store-you know the one-with the car stuck on the front?
  • Remember when life wasn't nearly as fun as it is now?


Veronica said...

And rememebr whn life wasn't nearly as fulfilling as it is now??? Oh, the little things we forget!

Covey and Justin said...

I am so glad to hear someone else has the trashcan problem. Elijah loves to throw stuff away! It drives me mad!! We suffer the same TP problem too. Most of our TP is now in a child proof cabinet. My favorite is now when I have to go to the bathroom my little guy says "Mommy go pee pee potty--potty dirty--ewwwww" Not bad for a 12.5 month old!

Anne said...

Its so fun to get a little pay back!

Bryan & Jen said...

Wait until your second comes. You'll be saying "Remember how much sleep I got when it was just Jakson? Remember how eay it was with just one kid?" But it will also be even more better than it is now!

Clyde J Criddle said...

Enjoy it now while you can. Soon they grow up, move away, and start the cycle all over again.

j&krosser said...

Remember when I could leave comment without having to erase all the extra typings? No- I loved your list.

Amanda said...

So cute. Love it!

Shambonies said...

haha sad but true!! and the i remember the saying "I never said it would be easy in only said it would be worth it!"

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