Monday, August 27, 2007

Reliadose Review

A couple of months ago I was asked to review a new Blaine Pharmaceuticals product, Reliadose. I wondered how I was going to review it when I wasn't giving him any medication, but I didn't have to wait long for him to get sick :) Jakson has had so many ear infections in the past year that the doctor has stopped prescribing Amoxicillan (which apparently Jakson liked the taste of), and instead has been trying some different medications (not so tasty). I was really excited to not have to tie Jak down and have a fight about the medicine. Reliadose was very easy to use, you just fill the syringe with the medication and add milk, juice, or water (your kids' favorite liquid) to the rest of the bottle-the idea is that the taste of the medicine will be masked and the syringe hidden from sight. Unfortunately, Jakson took one look at the bottle, realized it wasn't his "normal" bottle and refused to have anything to do with it. I ended up resorting to bribery ("If you take this medicine, I'll give you a brownie"-don't judge it was the only sweet thing I had around). I really think this mom invented product is fabulous and I will definitely be trying it out again with my next child, but it just doesn't work for an incredible opinionated/stubborn (all qualities he inherited from his father, :) of course) 16 month old. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a younger child that doesn't like to take medicine-according to the paperwork I received it should be in local drugstores and the like this fall, but for now it is only in select stores. Check out this link to see if it is available in your area!


The Askeroths said...

AWESOME! Cali hates taking medicine. If I even get our medicine box down to grab some Tums, she freaks out and runs to her room yelling "no medicine for Cali." I will definitely try this out. Thanks.

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