Thursday, August 23, 2007

Oh, What do you do in the Summertime?

Every afternoon, when Jakson gets up from his nap, we go outside to the very small strip of land we call a backyard and play. It's a great time for me to read a book and watch him goof around. We bought some wiggly sprinklers for him to play with and he climbs all over the castle from the trash. It's the one time that I actually feel like I can let him roam and he most likely won't be able to kill himself (did I tell you about the time that he jumped off the examining table at the pediatrician's office while I was talking to the doctor-she wrote "dare devil" in his file?). Although it is still pretty hot, it is relaxing to well, relax. He loves to spray himself in the stomach with the sprinklers.
Catching the water.
Notice how he is not sliding down like a normal child. Here, he is attempting to RUN down the slide, which by the way was a mistake as the sprinklers had made the surface very wet.

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Melissa said...

What you call a backyard is more than what we have! I'm getting yard envy, I am now seeing the benefit, even though I don't have one to take care of.

Bryan & Jen said...

He's so cute! He's put some chunck on since I saw him at Shenna's a while ago. I found your blog on Brooke's... hope you don't mind. :)

Shambonies said...

Hey! How are you? Jackson is sooo cute i love all the pics of him... he is a perfect mix of you and Zak!! Your blog is so cute too i love all of your posts. so i dont know how long ago you checked mine but i never did any thing and now i am trying to post once a week so we will see how that goes im not very good but i will try! Ok well hope to talk to you later. see ya... steph.... hey did you know that jayme and deisel are prego?

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