Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Business in Front, Party in the Back

After looking at those pictures yesterday, I realized how desperately Jakson needed a haircut. Last night after Zak got home from work, he fed him some cheese and turned on Blue's Clues while I cut Jak's hair.
The homeless Jakson
The new-improved (doesn't he look older?) Jakson

Cheering for his new look.

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Amanda said...

He looks so cute! You did a good job!

deborah said...

so cute...and so talented.

MommyKnows said...

A very handsome little man!

Gina said...

Wow, looks like a different little guy. Yes, they do always look older don't they? So cute.

Dancin Queen said...

Love the photos of your little guys. I never remember to take "before" pictures of their haircuts.

I posted Marta's "Back to School" link on my sidebar, but when I click on yours it links over to hers. When I click on mine it doesn't. Would you mind advising me on how to do it so mine will link over like yours? Thanks!

Dancin Queen said...

Sorry, I just reread that and it doesn't make sense. I want people to click on the "back to school" icon and have it take them to Marta's post about the swap.

Melissa said...

Job well done, Bethy, I tried cutting Nat's hair once...bad idea.

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