Thursday, July 26, 2007


I was finally able to get the pictures uploaded and the computer to cooperate. Check out what Covey sent me in the mail! I love getting packages-it doesn't happen often enough!

For the letter "U" (unique), she sent Mr. Snot (seen in the middle)-an egg separator where the yolk stays inside the bowl and the white comes out of his nose! Zak really wants to cook so he can use it :) This is definitely UNIQUE and hilarious!

Here are my new EVERYDAY summer Moroccan sandals. Maybe I'll wear them to the ward swim party tonight..... :)
Thanks Covey!!


Drea said...

i almost got mr snot for my husband!! how funny :-)

Carey said...

Very cool, Mr Snot is definitely a unique gift.

Katja from said...

Hi, I just wanted to thank you again for participating for my contest but unfortunately you weren't the winner on my blog-giveaway.

But I do have a surprise for EVERYONE. I am giving away free gift certificates for my store this fall, 100$ per person!! If you are interested, please read details from my blog!

Katja from

Leanna said...

I finally got my blog to upload pictures! go look before they disapper or somsshingggg!

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