Sunday, July 01, 2007

Saturday Outing

Zak and I were finally able to get away this weekend and go on our "date"-we don't do this often enough! We dropped Jak off with my aunt and had a peaceful afternoon attending the temple and eating at Cafe Rio (they have one here-you are all jealous!!). I never used to appreciate a quiet car ride or time alone with Zak as much as I do now. I remember growing up that my mom didn't like the radio on and I could never understand-especially as a teenager. I always wanted the music turned up, the bass thumping-okay, not really, but I did like loud music-and now, I get it. Mom, you were right (she loves to hear that from me since Nan is still a teenager and NEVER says it) silence can sometimes be bliss. Not that I tell Zak that he has to shut up the entire time, but there was no circus going on in the carseat behind us like there usually is.

A picture that actually DOES NOT include Jakson-I think it's the first one in at least 6 months!

Unfortunately the silence-basking was short lived as we ended up with Macaulay Calkins' twin brother on the way home---Jak kept smacking his hands against his face and yelling "AHHH" OVER and OVER and OVER. Aunt Bonnie, what did he watch at your house? Made for some funny pictures-his face goes through an amazing range of emotions-he looks so distressed in that last one!!

On a side note: I got my hair cut on Friday-it's okay if you didn't notice :). Why is it that when they style my hair, I always end up looking like a wind-blown Texan? Not that Texans are bad but you have to admit, some women there have HUGE hair-I grew up near a lady whose hair was amazing, it defied gravity. I always have to come home, wash it out and re-do it. My goal is to find someone to style my hair normally-I'm often embarassed to be seen on the way home from the salon!! Am I the only one with this problem?


Leanna said...

excuseeeee meeeeeee but have you ever asked mom???? if you did you would have known that I just happen to tell her that she is right ALL the time. hmmmmph

anyway, I really like that pic of you and zak. yall look super cute. and the thing about mcauly culkin almost made me pee in my pants. seriously ahahaha. jakson's face was classic

Annie said...

First off, you look great.
Secondly, you come out of the salon looking like a wind blown Texan because you ARE a wind blown Texan. Well, maybe not wind blown but a Texan nonetheless. I know this because while living with you, you reminded me of this fact every single day. If it wasn't loudly spoken (which was rare) it was silently spoken with your Texas-shaped cheddar cheese or your long-horn bumper sticker or your twangy country Texas music or your Texas-shaped pasta or your gigantic Texas flag or your dried mums hanging up on the wall or every other crazy Texas thing you had goin' on. Your hair never defied gravity, though. In fact, I distinctly remember your Aussie volumizer. Anyway, YOU, my friend, are a Texan and always will be a Texan, even if you're living in Arizona. I know this to be true.

bethany said...

You loved it Annie-remember the time you BEGGED me to let you wear the plastic cowboy hat that I kept in the back of my car-you even wanted to wear it on a date, but I advised you not to. Fortunately, you took my advise. You, my friend, obviously lived in Texas long enough to have the pride rub off :)

Amanda's got Baby Bangs said...

Those pictures are so funny! How nice to have some time alone with your man. Your hair looks lovely and you should be proud that you might be recognized as a Texan, right? I am, however, always amazed when I leave the salon, much poorer than when I entered, and my hair looks worse than it did before. I got mine done last week and event though I paid out the wazoo, he didn't even dry it all the way. Then he "straightened" it, still damp, only halfway down. Really pretty, let me tell ya.

Audra Bollard said...

So glad you got some time alone. The whole time I was in Europe I drove Will nuts saying things like, "we have to enjoy this meal, no one is throwing food at us," "we have to enjoy this walk down the road without a stroller," "we have to enjoy this quiet car ride," "I have to enjoy carrying a normal purse instead of a diaper bag" and on and on!

And, you guys look so cute in that picture! You my friend are lucky that you can make yourself look better than the hair stylists. Every time I get my hair done the stylist does some amazing thing that I torture myself for the next week trying to duplicate only to find that I am incapable of getting my hair to look that curly, or that flat-ironed, or whatever.

Oh, and I completely forgot about the Texas shaped pasta. I do however remember the time the green Mardi Gras King Cake arrived on our doorstep and we all just stared at it!

bethany said...

I had completely forgotten about that cake coming! You guys were definitely "cultured" that year!

Annie said...

Me wear a cowboy hat on a date? You must mistaken because I don't remember any dates. None at all.

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