Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fifteen Favorites at Fifteen Months

I am constantly amazed at Jakson's funny personality! He is so opinionated!
Here are his current faves:

  1. Knocking on closed doors-the last night in D.C., he stayed up for three hours knocking on the door that his pack and play was parked next to. It was really, really annoying.
  2. Opening and closing drawers-he doesn't usually get to empyting them until he is thoroughly bored with "open, close"
  3. Sitting in the rocker and reading-when it's very quiet, this is where I find him. It makes me want to cheer-I have a reader!!
  4. When daddy walks in the door-he is definitely on a "daddy kick", if Zak even goes upstairs Jakson falls apart. He sits outside the door of the bathroom when Zak is taking a shower and knocks.
  5. Pushing buttons-he has changed the settings on the washer numerous times, loves to close the garage door and often turns the tv to deafening volumes.
  6. Throwing balls-we are trying to teach him not to aim his pitches at people.
  7. Playing on the slide-we have a Little Tykes slide that he loves to slide down or roll balls down-he finds this incredibly funny
  8. Eating saltines-if these would sustain life, I think they would be the only food in his diet
  9. Carrying around his shoes-I'm still not sure if he wants to wear them or just enjoys munching on the Velcro
  10. Wrestling with daddy-he often jumps on Zak to initiate the wrestling match
  11. Playing outside-not exactly my favorite because it is so dang hot-if the door opens, he makes a break for it
  12. Staring at people until they notice him then he smiles and laughs-if he was any older, this would be really creepy
  13. Running away-he runs and looks behind him to see if anyone is chasing after him-apparently this is hilarious.
  14. Climbing the kitchen table and chairs-he has had a couple of accidents with this one because we have flimsy IKEA chairs that tip over easily.
  15. Kisses-he finally gives kisses-it is so excited to get some affection from this kid! I LOVE IT!

I love my fun little boy!
**The little girl in the pictures is Natalie, Jakson's friend that he doesn't like to share with**


Clyde said...

I love the blog and pictures. Thanks

Vanessa said...

thanks for posting stuff about his personality, it's nice to learn what he is like, even though we don't see Jak very often.

MommyKnows said...

Ahh, the joys of toddler-hood! Good thing they are so darn cute :)

Natalie reminds me of my Georgia.

Audra Bollard said...

so cute, such a BOY! And, 15 months means only 3 more until he goes to Nursery on Sunday--WHOO HOOO!

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