Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Collection of Short Stories

  • Zak and I finished Harry Potter-isn't it funny how life was put on pause this weekend for so many to read-doesn't happen for any other book release I've even heard of-props to HP for making it cool to read. Can't say much because all of these entries go to my favorite elder-Tyler. It would totally ruin it for him. I can say that I was a little disappointed in Ms. Rowling towards the end. I can't wait for our book club discussion next week!
    Here's a picture of Tyler-not reading Harry Potter, sorry Ty!
  • After watching big kids coloring at church, Jakson has decided that he wants to spend his days honing his skills as an artist. He doesn't necessarily have to be drawing on paper (skin will do), but thankfully he has not discovered that markers/pens also work on the walls.

Look! He already knows how to write his name!
  • I made invitations for my friend Holly's baby shower/open house. We are doing a "Fill the Freezer" theme so that she has tons of frozen meals those days she doesn't feel like cooking after her baby comes. Maybe I should throw one of these for myself-I OFTEN don't feel like cooking.
  • As mentioned before, Jakson and I have been going to Mom and Tot swimming lessons at the local pool. This morning, Jakson had a total diaper blowout IN THE POOL! How embarassing (for me, not him)! I've heard that swim diapers are supposed to keep all that in, but apparently the extremely messy ones still go everywhere. I told the lifeguard, feeling horrible because there were a lot of other kids there for swimming lessons as well, but they only had the kids move to the other side of the pool. Gross! I'm really questioning their judgement on that one. Needless to say, we did not get back in.
  • The first Christmas presents for this year are wrapped! I'm so excited about it! See, they are already "hidden" in the closet!
  • And I got my swap box in the mail from Covey!! It's so exciting, but it deserves its own entry, so if the computer is still working after dinner, I will give it the honor it deserves! Thanks Covey!
  • This may be my last blog entry for awhile (besides the one about my swap goodies) as our computer has decided to break down on us. It is very fickle-sometimes the screen won't turn on, or it won't charge and the sound card never works. It's a good thing it is still under warranty. Zak and I have decided to get it fixed and then look into getting a Power Mac laptop (Annie, aren't you proud!?). When I taught, the district gave teachers the Mac G4 and I loved it-we miss having a free computer :) Well, I guess we miss having ANY computer that works on a consistent basis.


Vanessa said...

Let me guess, all those Christmas Presents are...books? :) Sounds like you guys are having fun, thanks for the fun blogs!

Katie Brown said...

you'll be needing to stockpile Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser with Jak's new coloring skills... i can understand buying christmas presents this early, but WRAPPING them??? you are crazy beth. swim diapers hold NOTHING. unless we are actually in a public pool i don't put them on my kids because if they pee it all comes out cause they don't absorb anything. i had something else to say too, but the memory of pulling rylee out of her carseat when she was a baby and all the pee that dripped down because the swim diaper absorbed nothing has so distracted me..

Leanna said...

I didn't like the book so much. it was ok, but there was no charm or anything funny. plus it was boring until chapter 31...oh well

so do you just want books for christmas? cuz I never know what to get yall lol

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