Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Vermillion 'Ventures

In order to make alliteration, I was forced to leave out the "ad" in "adventures." I'm sure you understand.

  • Today Jakson threw my phone into the toilet-he's such a joy. After that my phone turned on, but wouldn't stop vibrating. So, I trekked over to the Verizon store ready to spend a couple of hours bargaining with them. Have you ever noticed that cell phone salesmen and car dealers have a lot in common? They always introduce the most expensive option first and make it sound like there are no other alternatives, then have to talk to their manager, and so on. It's very annoying-those two hours tempted me to forgo cell phone service all together. Fortunately, I only have to deal with them on rare occasions. Finally, got a deal that I could live with, got home and five minutes later my toilet phone stopped vibrating and I can even dial numbers from it now. Guess I should have just let it dry for a little longer. It's kind of gross if you think about it......
  • Drove up to Snowflake this past weekend to see my grandmother and do some chores for her around the house. Found a cool vintage oven in the trailer behind her house that my parents used to own. Looked up similar ones on the internet and discovered that they sell for about $4,000 when fixed up. Do you suppose you can spray paint an oven? Zak says it might blow up.
  • This isn't the exact oven (and it doesn't look this nice) but it is similar.
  • We bought plane tickets (only $70 each way) to Washington DC in July to visit Zak's sister. We tried to figure out how to drop Jakson off with parents during a layover in Houston, but couldn't find a flight with a stop there. We're going to buy a portable DVD player to survive the 5 hour flight. I'm sure we'll be humming "You've got to find another paw print-that's the second clue!" during the whole trip, but that's the price you pay I guess.
  • On my last trip to DC (in 2002).
  • Joined thegrocerygame.com two weeks ago (Melissa's recommendation) and have already saved over $70 in groceries and toiletries!! I'm very excited to get the coupons on Sunday now-it's ranked into one of the highlights of my week.
  • Took a cue from that Creative Organizing website and organized my pantry. I found food I didn't know I had-it was kind of like reaching in your pocket and discovering a five dollar bill! Ridiculously, I also labeled my fridge, but I won't torture you with those pictures.


Annie said...

Whoa, if your Grandma's oven is that color DO NOT SPRAY PAINT IT. It's awesome as is.

Audra Bollard said...

I'm a grocery gamer too! Although I'm sure you're already better at it. I don't follow the rules exactly because I can't sacrifice some of my favorite expensive brands. And, that's a bummer about the cell phone. I never understood that as a stay at home Mom not only would I be taking care of my kids by also taking care of all the stuff they destroy--like washing my crayon coated sofa slipcover again today.

bethany said...

I totally would leave it if it was that color. Unfortunately, it's poop brown.

Katie Brown said...

beth, you're crazy. those labels for your pantry are hilarious. good luck with the oven. i want you to know though, that it's because of people like you who have discovered ebay et al that we now get announcements in relief society about how DI is now having to go to kmart to buy stuff to stock its shelves because people are either donating junk or nothing at all because they are selling it all on ebay... :). oh yeah, and a portable dvd player is a must for cross-country flights. don't bother even trying without one. too bad you couldn't drop him off with the folks though.

bethany said...

Kate-I'll have you know that I have a Tupperware container in our closet labeled "To Donate"-so there :) and my Grandma really needs the money.

Katie Brown said...

i was just teasing you bethy!

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