Monday, June 25, 2007

Ten signs Jakson is not Peter Pan (and is, in fact, growing up)

  1. He clomps around in big boy shoes-no more crib shoes!! :(
  2. Yesterday, he started making noises to go along with the car he was "driving"-the car's next stop should definitely be the shop, it did not sound healthy.
  3. He has decided that he can feed himself with a spoon. He dips the spoon into the bowl-often the wrong end-and gets a DROP of food to put into his mouth. Keeps him entertained for awhile, though he often gets bored and just climbs down from his high chair. We have yet to figure out how he does it.

  4. We have been teaching him sign for almost a year, lately he's made up his own. Well, he's given new meanings to signs we've been showing him. He keeps signing "elephant" for no reason. Are you saying I'm fat?
  5. Zak has been subbing in nursery, so Jakson gets to go too (Hallelujah!!). He outeats every kid in there!! A couple of weeks ago, snacktime caught up with him and he threw up all over some toys, but this past week he packed it in and held it down!
  6. He is due for his SECOND haircut-Zak's wish of a rat tail is almost coming true.
  7. The evolving smile has reached new heights-it's an imitation of what he's seen his dad do. Watch for him to throw his head back and squint-smile.
  8. I've had to Saran Wrap the entire bookcase at this point.
  9. No longer sits through an episode of Blue's Clues, instead he gets up and changes the channel-usually to MTV. Why?
  10. He's getting too old for a cuddly hug and now gives out a smack on the back "man-hug". This pleases Zak to no end.

Oh-they grow up so fast!!

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Annie said...

...cuz there's girlz on MTV...

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Thanks for entering the contest!!


Amanda's got Baby Bangs said...

I had not thought to saran-wrap our bookcases!

Clyde said...

What a great smile on that Kid! I couldn't view it on my Blackberry. Are those more teeth I see in there???

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