Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mahvelous Margaret!

Today is my mother-in-law, Peggy's, birthday. Her real name is Margaret, but if you value your life at all, I would never, ever call her that. I can get away with it only because I am the favorite daughter-in-law and because she will understand the importance of alliteration in the title. In the spirit of The Office and to honor her special day, I have written an acrostic poem.

P rankster. She's attempting to smear frosting all over Katy's face as she sleeps.

E xcellent Mother-7 kids in 11 years. I can't even imagine!! The first five.... The last two...

G oofy-Being a "blockhead" with Jakson.

G enerous-with her time, money, talents, food, and love. Everyone knows if they need a good meal-go to the Vermillion's house!!

"Y our face is killing me!" A famous quote :) Wouldn't you say that to this kid too?

Happy Birthday!! Here's a little birthday present for you-not too exciting, but Grandmas don't care, right? Jakson would rather play with the camera than play "on camera". By the way, it looks like he is staring off into the distance, but really he is watching himself in the mirror. He's very vain.


Peggy said...

Great comments...horrible name. You could have done Pretty Peg, or Pesky Peg, or a PP it anyway. Thanks for the Jak video. We never get enough of those. Peg

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