Friday, June 29, 2007

And so it begins....

Jakson has now entered the world of report cards and development checklists. At the conclusion of swim lessons today, he received a "Certificate of Completion"-if I would have known he was being graded for this, we might have worked harder!! :) Even though I didn't know about it, he still got stamps next to three of the skills:

  • Swimmer is able to submerge head with assistance-(seems kind of funny wording to me-I think this is actually a reflection on my skills-congratulations to me, I am able to dunk my kid under the water)
  • Swimmer is able to enter and exit the pool safely-I really don't remember him purposely getting INTO the pool, only out
  • Swimmer is able to hold on to wall unassisted-another favorite activity. He spent at least 1/2 of each lesson hanging on the wall. My friend Brenda commented that I was brave to let him hang on the wall by himself and not hold on to him. I told her "Maybe I'm just stupid."

Overall, it was a good experience-to "get his feet wet" (yes, I'm cheesy enough that the pun was intended) and become accostumed to the water. Strangly, everytime Jakson entered the pool, he suddenly lost his personality. He never smiled or really even reacted to anything that happened -he had a complete dead pan expression the whole time. Too bad there's no sticker for acquiring that skill--personality in the water. Maybe it's too much like multi-tasking, can't do both, wouldn't surprise me-he is male.

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Laurie said...

"Acquiring that skill--personality in the water" - too funny!

Audra Bollard said...

This was hilarious. I think 99% of all childhood awards should really be for the mother. And sadly for us, since we have boys, I've heard scouting is the worst for this--how many moms do you know who pretty much did their kid's Eagle project? ick. Swimming lessons sounds much, much more fun.

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