Tuesday, May 01, 2007

One is silver and the other gold....

I love having the kind of friends that I can call and whether it's been three weeks or three years, we can pick up right where we left off. Today I talked to my friend Bonnie for the first time since I got married (3 yrs!) Our history goes way back--we went to high school together and had some adventures in Provo as well. In fact, my short stint at Regal Lanes behind the snack bar was only possible because of her. It sounds white trash, but it was one of my favorite jobs because we danced around like crazy people and made and ate random fried things! I had amazing metabolism back then. She and I also shared more than one really lame double date (in one instance, I think we actually tried to ditch the guys--for those of you who know the story, the ditchee was the guy who once called me a "wasted investment" and later took me on a "leaf hunt"-wouldn't you try to get rid of him too?), acted like idiots at church dances, and made a tradition of eating fondue at Pappadeaux (again, back when I could look at a treadmill and drop 5 lbs.). Now we are both "responsible" adults with children and our lives are very different than they were (less dramatic), but it's nice to know that even time and distance can't change a friendship.

That was then:

This is now:

Bonnie, her husband Barry, and cute Jordan.


Katie Brown said...

hey! you talked to me too today! where's my ode? just kidding ;)

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