Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I wish I was a little bit taller...

Currently, Jakson's favorite game is "empty all the drawers in the room." This could be any room, but I prefer that he does it in his own. Recently, he has also taken to putting the stuff back into the drawers once he is done--I would be happy about this, but he does it only so he can take the stuff back out. Usually, there are only three rounds of this and consequently, I end up cleaning up after him. It entertains him so, whatever.
The main reason that I took these pictures is because I want you to notice his shorts. They fit him well and are actually a bathing suit (I need to do laundry) I bought for him last year. TO WEAR last year. The size on the tag says 3-6 MONTHS!!! This child is miniature. At this rate, all of the girls a year younger will also be bigger than he is! Poor guy. I hope he doesn't end up with short man syndrome. I have never been a fan of the symptoms: noisy motorcycles and big egos.


Melissa said...

The kid is doomed - his father was barely 100 pounds in high school. Though, if he is lucky he will get a growth spurt during his mission -and come home bigger than the girls - it worked for Zak didn't it?

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