Sunday, May 06, 2007

I lost my heart on the carousel....

Yesterday was Zak's company picnic at the "Enchanted Park" in downtown Phoenix. The park has little kid rides, paddle boats, a train and picnic pavillions. For a kid a couple of years older than Jakson, it would have been heaven. Most of the rides were designed for a child to ride alone and we were afraid that he would just jump off even the few that Jak was big enough to go on. Grandma and Grandpa Vermillion were in town, so we decided to have them take Jak on the carousel. Jakson looked happy at first, but was soon clutching the horses' pole with white knuckles. I wish the camera would have worked so I could have captured the expression on his frightened face, but it is very tempermental. I think we'll wait a few more months before attempting the carousel again!

On the train-it went a lot slower!


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