Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Characters Welcome

Happy Birthday Zak! I hope you live to be a hundred, a hundred years or more! In honor of your birthday, I have decided to pay tribute to some things that make you YOU.

This picture-can you find him? This picture is sort of the epitome of Zak's personality to me :) And no, that's not me he's got his arm around. This is Homecoming at BYU.

His nicknames-Zacky malacky, Zik, Zak and Zelda May, Thackary Binx, Binx

His hair-most of the these I never saw in person-the one I did see convinced me of his need to have me make most of the hair decisions (instead of just getting a wig of some sort, he SHAVED male pattern baldness to go along with his Halloween costume. The worst part was that he left it like that and was mistaken for a visiting High Council member)

His clothes-the thing that sticks out the most to me is Grandpa pants-the first pair he ever had, he actually stole from his Grandpa. After that he just shopped for the polyester wonders at Savers. Also, tweed jackets, Dickies, and worn out Converse-hideous outfit

His good attitude-I'm don't think I've ever seen Zak have a "bad day"

His sense of humor-from class clown to Comedy Sportz to the office comedian, he excels at making others laugh-especially me!

His work ethic-Zak never does anything half-way. He is a perfectionist when it comes to his projects, whether it is for us or someone else. If he says he is going to do something, he follows through and is always the first volunteer when asked to serve. This is one of the first things that attracted me to him.

His love for his family-I know that everything he does, he does to make me happy. Zak will put aside everything else, including work if I need him. He is a wonderful Daddy and provider for our family.

I love you Zak!!


Zak said...

I think you forgot his movie star looks. In my opinion he is perhaps one of the best looking men in the world!

Katie Brown said...

as long as he stays rat-tail free he's okay in my book! okay, that sounded really cheesy. anyway, happy birthday, zak. beth, doesn't that halloween picture of zak bring back total deja vu of jared's halloween costume (from savers) freshman year?

Audra Bollard said...

Zak and I have the same birthday! This must explain why you love us both :)

I remember asking Melissa to "give us the dirt" on Zak when you were dating (because she was the only one of us who had met him) and she told us all this good stuff about him, and then at the very end said something like, "oh, and he's also really into unique clothes." This blog finally brings real meaning to this statement.

bethany said...

Funny thing Kate-Nate Kolbaba and I were just looking at that exact picture tonight!! Sadly, this wasn't Zak dressing up for Halloween-it was Homecoming and from what I understand this was pretty normal apparel for him, not a costume. Scary, I know

Steve said...

This is what BYU brought out in my child...scary. Think if he had gone to a 'liberal' university. But you must admit he is a cute 'unique' guy. We love him.

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