Monday, May 14, 2007

Batteries and Magnets have them too.

  • Positive: I checked my email on Friday to find an email from FOX for American Idol tickets.
  • Negative: I wasn't quick enough because all of the tickets for the Live shows were gone :( I could have gotten tickets to the dress rehearsal, but I'd also have to drive all the way to CA with Jakson and MAYBE get in to the show. Did you know there is a strict dress code to be in the A.I. audience?
  • Positive: Bought wood laminate flooring to replace our carpet on Saturday! Jakson has barfed so much on the current carpet in the past year that it looks disgusting.
  • Negative: We're going to have to figure out where to put all of our living room furniture for two days.
  • Positive: The dog has finally figured out how to get DOWN the stairs-before he would climb up and then growl at you when you came to get him.
  • Negative: Zak lets him out of his kennel when he leaves for work, so now I have to check for poop upstairs and downstairs when I get up.
  • Positive: My friend Mandy decided she wanted to curl my hair on Friday-and it stayed curly!
  • Negative: Zak called me "Shirley" all day.
  • Positive: Zak and I went to the Scholastic Warehouse sale on Sat.-that place is so overwhelming because there are so many wonderful books. I love just to walk around.
  • Negative: I couldn't buy all of the books that I wanted to-we'd be broke.


Zak said...

It could have been worse. I could have called you Curly Sue all day!

Katie Brown said...

hey shirley! i love it! too cute. you really need to potty train that dog (i'm not sure what that's called in doggy terms? housebreak? or something like that...) anyway, congrats on the new flooring! make sure you own a swiffer wetjet.

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