Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Always wear mascara

We were going to have Jakson's first birthday pictures taken quite awhile ago (you know close to his first birthday), but seeing as he was not feeling so hot, I figured the sunken gaunt look should be left up to the horror movie extras and not displayed on the wall of our living room. As he is looking healthy once again, I scheduled the pics for Friday morning. I was so rushed getting Jak up from his nap and getting him ready, that I didn't have a whole lot of time to spend on myself-consequently, I skipped a few steps in the beauty routine, like putting on mascara. Little did I know that once we got there, they wanted the whole family in pictures-hooray. Already I'm not a big fan of having my picture taken and especially not when I am wearing white and have practically no makeup on. The results were not as bad as I had anticipated, but bad enough that we will have to have better family pictures taken at a later date. Jakson loved the camera and the attention-his pictures turned out cute.


Melissa said...

Cute!! Where'd you get them taken? That happened to me too at Natalie's three week shots, but luckily they turned out really cute. Mostly because my back and shoulders were what made it into the picture

Annie said...

So where are these pictures with Mommy?

rawhide said...

he's a way cute kid!!!!! glad those pictures turned out as keepers!!!

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