Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Second Time Around

We are in Vegas (again), but this time only for a week. I decided to come because otherwise I would have to deal with Jakson and a lame (no really, I mean lame in the literal sense) puppy by myself. Someone commented to me that maybe we should have bought a house here instead of Phoenix. Ha ha-no thanks. But there are some things that I do like about being in Vegas.....

  • free babysitters-yea Megan and Melissa!
  • ceramic toilet lids at Melissa's house-Jakson can't lift them to play in the toilet. Makes my life much easier-never thought I'd be grateful (or even notice) for something like that
  • not my house-don't feel like I have a million cleaning projects to do
  • Redbox-just finished watching "The Holiday" wouldn't have wanted to pay $5 for it at Blockbuster, although the menu did give me a great idea for a scrapbooking page :)
  • the weather-much cooler than Phx right now
  • the Goodwill here-they get BRAND NEW still in boxes stuff from Target
  • all of our food is paid for by the company
As nice as some things are here, I am glad that this time we will only be here for a week. I'm missing out on my scrapbooking group meeting and I don't get to check the mail everyday. Not only that, but we will get home just in time to have visitors. Zak's parents and sister are coming to visit-hooray! I gotta have a couple of days at home so I can clean!! Sorry this was a lame blog, but I figured it was better than seeing the redecorating entry again and again.


Latta Family said...

I love Vegas!! Of course I am partial because I grew up there, but I have to agree with you about the Goodwill. If your lucky you may even hit the 50% off day!! Lucky you!

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