Thursday, April 12, 2007

One Year Ago Today

One year ago today I had been on bedrest for a week-well, as bedresty as I got. The day I was given instructions to be on bedrest, I went back to school and taught. I honestly don't know how people who have to be on bedrest for months do it-one week and I was going crazy! It's horrid because you don't FEEL sick, so you just lay there thinking of all the things that need to get done and in my case, all the sick days I was using up. To those of you (Audra, Elizabeth, Bridget) who did this for awhile, I salute you.
On this particular day, I had my weekly appointment with the doctor, where he proceeded to tell me that my baby wasn't coming for almost another month and that I was going to have toxemia whether I was laying down or standing up, so no more bedrest. I cried all the way home-not because of the lifted bedrest-what a relief! Why was I on bedrest in the first place? My doctor seemed a little confused. After composing myself, I unhired my long term substitute and then I went shopping. Robert's Crafts has this really great outlet store that is only open on Wednesdays-I walked around the store for about 1 1/2 hours (there's a lot to look at).
The next morning I went into labor (yes, that's right, for those of you who are clculating this-I didn't have Jakson until 10:30 of the NEXT DAY!-30 hours of labor). I totally attribute it to shopping. So much for eggplant, running over railroad tracks, or jumping on a trampoline-GO SHOPPING!!
That morning instead of picking my mother up from the airport as scheduled, we detoured to the hospital where they told me that I might be laboring like this for TWO WEEKS! I was having contractions 3-5 minutes apart! Have you ever heard of someone laboring like that for TWO WEEKS? Did they kill themselves? Thankfully, they were wrong and three hospital visits, one sleepless night and three pushes later, I had Jakson.

Here I am in all my glory.

Sadly, sometimes I still wear this shirt-case in point (obviously Halloween-we don't normally dress like this).


Annie said...

I think I remember those pants.

bethany said...

Unfortunately at this point, they have totally come apart at the seams and so when you wear them, it's like wearing a skirt with a really high slit. I haven't gotten around to fixing them-mark my words I will though-and I will keep wearing them for many years to come-much to Melissa's chagrin. She gave me pajama pants for Christmas one year hoping that I would stop wearing the scrubs :)

Audra Bollard said...

Happy Birthday to Jakson! Be warned, they turn progressively naughtier after the one year mark :), but progressively more fun too, like when they start to walk and talk. And props to you for posting a pregnant picture. I love it! You look way cuter than I did 9 months pregnant. Oh, and I liked hearing your labor drama story.

Katie Brown said...

bethany criddle with nothin' in the middle, i love you in all your pregnant glory. you looked fabulous! and still do. i have never heard a positive story about ob/gyns in utah. thanks for keeping the streak going.

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