Sunday, April 15, 2007

It Can Only Get Better

Zak made the comment yesterday, as we were attempting to have a little family party for Jakson that his birthdays can only get better from here and I couldn't agree more. It was the grand finale of a horrid week. After seven days of throwing up, not sleeping, and a lot of screaming, we were in hopes that a cupcake and presents would make us all feel a little better. Jakson apparently didn't get the memo because he screamed when we sang to him (ok-maybe he's justified on that one), screamed in between bites of cupcake, and screamed while we opened presents. In fact, he only got to open one present and then we took him to bed. Happy freakin' birthday. So much for the cute pictures that I was going to have to document this memorable milestone.
My mom sent me this sign. We had one just like it growing up-I'm excited to continue the tradition.

The Blossom Years-I know you can't get enough of this picture-stop making fun of me and notice the sign.

This is the best picture we got

What a mess!

He liked the cupcake so much, he was licking up the crumbs in between screams.


Audra Bollard said...

I love this post! Kids are SO unpredictable, but it looks like you made the most of it. Sorry about such a terrible week--there is nothing, let me repeat NOTHING, worse than a really sick kid. They're miserable, you're miserable and there's practically nothing you can do for them. Just the laundry alone that goes along with a sick kid is just awful.

And I like the sign--I'm all about starting little traditions for kids. By age 3 he'll be totally attached to that sign!

Zak said...

Happy Birthday Jakson, your party sucks!

Megan said...

Ahhh good times... I mean the party might have sucked but at least he had on one awesome shirt. He does look pretty fly. I wonder who would get him such quality clothing apparel???

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